The Old Orchard Library is a welcoming place with displays done by the students and parents.  We are always looking for ways to try to help our students find books that are at their level and that they will enjoy, with the aim of consolidating and improving their literacy skills and developing the habit of reading for pleasure.

We stock books for as many reading levels and different interests as we can!  We have lots of popular fiction titles at all levels for both boys and girls.  We have books that are quick to read, literary books for students who love words, and books you will also find in high school libraries for students who are looking for extra stimulation.  For every year level we have books that mix images and words which often engage students who don’t like a traditional book.  We also have a popular collection of non-fiction books.  We try to keep the collection up to date because this helps to keep the students enthusiastic and engaged.

Library sessions are usually held once a week for each class and the students borrow books for both classroom and take home reading.  Old Orchard is fortunate to have parent volunteers who assist with returns and shelving, book covering, displays and our level 2 reading club.