The Mandarin curriculum at Old Orchard Primary School links with other curriculum areas in building numeracy and literacy skills and general knowledge. Students learn to introduce themselves in short Mandarin sentences and to count in Mandarin using the ‘Counting Song’.

The children:

  •  Develop an understanding of the speakers of the Mandarin language and the countries where this language is spoken
  •  Begin to use and respond to the Mandarin language used in the classroom through greetings, songs, dances, games, role-plays, e.learning activities, drawing and other activities
  •  Begin to trace or copy selected characters
  •  Match symbols to meanings and forms
  •  Are exposed to culturally relevant and age-appropriate information


All Victorian schools are required to teach a language in addition to English. In 2013, Old Orchard introduced Mandarin as our language. This followed extensive community consultation and investigation.

Mandarin is a complex language and it is not expected that students will speak the language fluently given the limited time available in the curriculum. 

Our Mandarin teacher, Tracey Ding is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who understands the importance of engaging students through a range of media and our students have responded extremely well to her teaching style.

Please contact Tracey at school for more detailed information in relation to the Mandarin program.