support and enrichment programs

Every student at Old Orchard Primary School deserves a learning program that meets their needs and our intervention and enrichment programs supplement the classroom programs to further address these needs. Across all levels of the school, students are selected to participate in additional sessions to either enrich or extend their learning or to provide additional assistance to foster their basic skills and understanding. Intervention programs support both literacy and numeracy development and our enrichment programs promote creative and lateral thinking as well as effective communication. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program supports students with limited English and new arrivals, while our Speech Therapy Assistance (STA) program, under the supervision of our visiting Speech Pathologist, supports students with general language difficulties.


Students with special needs

The philosophy at Old Orchard is to inspire, challenge and support our students to be their absolute best.

We have a strong support program which includes both funded and non-funded students who have special needs. Our Program for Students with Disabilities team members work alongside the teaching staff to ably support students in the classroom to access the curriculum effectively.

We have a Guidance officer from the Department of Education who makes fortnightly visits and is available for educational assessments and advice.

Communicate is the provider of our speech pathology services. The speech pathologist is at Old Orchard every Thursday. She completes assessments, oversees the implementation of our STA program and organises the Prep Phonological program.

The onPsych psychologist visits weekly. These services are available for students on request.