Music & Performing Arts

There have been decades of research on the effects of music on learning and there is now a strong body of evidence that ongoing music education helps children across a wide range of criteria.  Through music, and all the performing arts, we learn about ourselves, our culture and that of others, literacy, science, maths, creativity, the environment, celebration and emotions.  For these reasons, Old Orchard Primary School, strongly values the inclusion of The Performing Arts in the curriculum.

All students, from Prep to Grade 6, take part in a weekly 50 minute lesson which has singing at its heart. The lessons, which are sequentially organised, have a balance of activities which include song, movement, dance, mime, games, stories, playing, responding and creating. Grades 3 students also have descant recorder instruction included in their program.

Our lessons take place in Drayton Hall, which affords us ample space to do the varied activities the students enjoy and house our extensive collection of resources. Drayton Hall is also a wonderful facility for small performances.

The students have the opportunity to become involved in additional activities such as

1/2 Singing Program (Grade 1 – 2)
Senior Choir (Grade 3 – 6)
Bi-annual Junior School Concert
Bi-annual Senior Production
Grandparents’ Concert during Education Week
Instrumental Music Soiree
Talent Quest at the School Fair
Visiting Performers
Various other events and activities that frequently arise throughout the year both in and outside the school


Visiting instrumental teachers offer private tuition during school hours should families wish to avail themselves of this opportunity. There is tuition in keyboard, woodwind, strings, brass, guitar and drums. Please enquire at the office if you are interested in gaining a place in this program.