Parents and Friends Association


The PFA is Old Orchard's Parents' and Friends' association - it provides a forum for parent activities, voice and community building.

2019 Office Bearers:

President:    Deb Gray
Vice President:  Michael Wong
Secretary:    Jen McCan
Treasurer:    Trudy Gumley

The purpose of the PFA is:

  • Contribute to the well being of the students, staff and other members of the school community;

  • Assist in building the participation of parents in the life of the school generally, and in the education of their children in particular;

  • Provide a forum for the discussion of education issues and contribute to the process of formulating school policy;

  • Support the work of the school council;

  • Provide a forum for social and community interaction;

Membership is open to any parent, guardian or family member of a child enrolled at Old Orchard Primary School. PFA meetings are held on a regular basis and we try to cater for both working and non-working members by holding morning, afternoon and evening meetings.  

Fundraising is an integral part of the PFA. Funds raised during the year are used to supplement the school budget and assist in improving the school environment for students. Fundraising activities include sausage sizzles, chocolate drives, a biennial school fete and other small activities throughout the school year.